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Hi everyone - Welcome to my place! Over the years (actually, the last several decades), I've started several websites and groups. Please feel free to join and use any of the information below.  My stuff is copyright free. Some of the websites are more of an archive of what I've done in the past, rather than my current efforts, but they continue to offer some important and timeless information. Your feedback is always appreciated. Thank you for visiting!  My BIO   


>>> Wild-Foodies-of-Philly Meetup
    PhillyKnits.org >>>  Philadelphia-Knits-Meetup 
>>> Philadelphia-Society-of-Small-Streets Meetup
    HealthAlertPhilly.org >>> Health-Alert-Philly Meetup
ProtocolsForDemocracy.org - Political & Election Integrity Issues
    ZeroWasteAmerica.org - Zero Waste, Statistics, Laws & Regs, etc.
    SafeStreetsPhilly.org -  Housing Homeless & Keeping Peace
    TheLandesReport.com - My articles on various subjects


AND MY LATEST EFFORT: The SensicalSociety.org


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