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Brief bio:  Lynn Landes is a Philadelphia-based writer, researcher, reporter, and activist in the fields of politics, health, and the environment since the 1980's.  Her articles and opinions have been published in several books, films, and online publications.  On the environment, Lynn has been a commentator for BBC radio, a radio talk show host, and a television news reporter in the 1990-2000.  From 2002 to 2008 she dedicated herself to reporting and publicly speaking on voting integrity issues.  Currently, she is the publisher of several websites and meetup groups on a wide variety of issues including: foraging, fiber arts, health, waste, voting, historic streets, and safe streets. 

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On the environment and health:

In the period from 1999-2002, Lynn was an environmental news reporter for Drexel University TV (DUTV) in Philadelphia, hosted her own radio talk show on WDVR in New Jersey, and was a weekly commentator for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) radio program Five Alive.  Lynn was also the founder of Zero Waste America, an Internet-based environmental research organization. Her eco-articles have been featured in print, online publications, and the books, Pollution: Opposing Viewpoints and Softly On This Earth.  Lynn was in a series of interviews on environment and health issues on WebMD.  Her 1998 report, State of the Nation’s Waste, was reported throughout the U.S. and internationally. 

On voting:

For complete transparency in voting, Lynn supports one standard for both political representatives and voters, that means "open voting", no secret ballots. As that is unlikely to gain public support any time soon, Lynn supports paper ballots and public hand counts at the polls on election day (see: Protocol For Honest Elections - America’s Nontransparent Voting System Is ‘De Facto’ Fraud) In a 2005 article, Plan B: Organize Parallel Elections & Signed Ballots, Lynn called on citizens to organize parallel elections in response to the total lack of transparency in U.S. elections. In several states, activists did just that.  Lynn's numerous articles on the right to vote can be found at Her work has been featured in the books, Hacked and BlackBoxVoting.  Lynn was a guest speaker at events across the country, and also appears in several documentaries including: Got Democracy, The Right To Count, Stealing America, and her own, Voting 101 and The Fix Is In


Lynn (Ehlinger) Landes and her husband, Cliff W. Landes, live in center city Philadelphia. Cliff is a retired airline pilot and former Pennsylvania Air National Guard pilot.  They have three adult children and five granddaughters. / 215-629-3553